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Recreation is not Over

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

It's time to have some fun & get in on some great Off-Road deals for the holidays & for 2021 at your favorite place

Take advantage of the lowest RMTP prices ever offered. Gather the Friends & bring the family #wheelin' . Bring some people who need to get out and do something different or have never been to the park. It's time more than ever to share Free Range Humanity. It's up to all of you to keep the place going strong into the can not survive without your support...

RMTP does not want anyone of you "stuck in" or isolated while the world goes crazy...

No one should be home alone & depressed because there is nothing to do. At this time it is more important than ever that people keep their spirits up so RMTP single day or night passes have been slashed to $10 day or $10 night till further notice for non-members...

RMTP also took 50% Off for the Holidays RMTP Memberships for 2021 they are now on sale for $120 This is the best gift for the Off-Road enthusiasts on your list. This is the lowest price you will be offered for a year of unlimited use of the park for your right to recreation.

Aside from Off-Roading, #BonFires are always an option. Plus... the furnace is up & running... The Lodge will be toasty warm all winter... The sound system is unbelievable &

I hear there's some #entertainment lined up but we may just have to talk about that when you get here... (or Get a New Governor... STAT...) Bottom line though...

You probably want to come out to maintain your right to be out.


Also... There will be Rally Style Racing

Every Saturday Day & Night...

So bring ALL the #Beaters & the #Hoopties & #Lemons & whatever you got that may no longer be exactly able to get another sticker to come Zoom around with us in the sand, dirt, mud, slush, snow, ice all winter long!!! Everyone is welcome to join in it's So Much Fun!!!

click the link to join the R.M.O.R.R. Rally Group on Facebook

Hahaha... We don't even know how to blog so consider this a Test Run

Love You Guys... Can't wait to see you all soon at the park

We thank you for supporting RMTP Free Range Humanity

Follow the park on IG @rockyMTpark

Bring 'em if you got 'em

There's a range here

Call John Steele Sometimes 207 272 8012

He Likes Hearing from You

or leave a question or comment down below

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Looking forward to riding in your park tomorro. is there a map of the trails?


shalimar joan
shalimar joan

Willian Wright

Nearby hotels:



Actual Diner:


(there are also several nearby sandwich, pizza & other shops)




William Wright
William Wright

Motel and diner near by?

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